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ActivePresenter can help you create interactive presentations
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ActivePresenter can help you create interactive presentations. The tool has a superb tabbed interface that resembles those of Microsoft Office products. Considering the complexity of the tasks supported, it could be said that the tool couldn’t be made easier. However, users with little experience may have some difficulty to use the tool. Anyway, I’d advise all users to study the excellent accompanying manual if they want to use the application to the full.

There are various ways to start a new project. Perhaps the most surprising of them is by capturing screen activity. In this regard, the tool allows recording everything you do on the screen or a selected region as full motion video or as consecutive slides. Every important action, such as clicking the mouse, becomes an interruption point that demands user intervention or triggers another action, and most importantly, all this is done automatically. Other ways to create a project are by importing slides from a PowerPoint presentation or creating them from separate image files. Finally, starting a project from scratch is also supported.

In some respects, the tool works similarly to PowerPoint. You can organize your presentation into slides, but it also goes well beyond that, because you can use a timeline to control the behavior of the objects. Moreover, besides a linear sequence of slides, you can create a branching presentation. Multiple types of media objects can be added to your project, including audio, images, text and video. There’s even the possibility of editing audio and video without quality loss.

In my opinion, one of the most valuable features of this software is the support of interaction. The program is flexible enough to allow designing a complex mechanism of events and actions, which even allows writing Javascript codes. The presentation can also be planned to assess the students using various built-in question types, including multiple choice, pair matching, short answer and essay. It is very significant that you can host the presentation on a Learning Management System (LMS). What's more, the results of the students' interaction can be reported to the LMS because two important standards, SCORM and API, are supported.

Once you've finished editing, you can proceed to export the results of your work. Probably, the best way to do so is by using HTML5 technology, which allows running the presentation on any modern web browser. In addition, you can also export the project to PDF, video, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or an image sequence.

All in all, ActivePresenter definitely deserves being among the best of its kind. Therefore, it is a program that should not be ignored by educators and software presenters. In this regard, it's highly adaptable to multiple scenarios, such as simulations, study sessions, demo videos, learning assessment and tutorials, among others. I'm sure you will be glad to know there's a free version of the program for personal and non-commercial use.

Pedro Castro
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  • It allows complex interactions
  • There are various ways to create a new project
  • It can be hosted on a LMS, with support of SCORM and API
  • It supports branching presentations
  • It allows writing customized code
  • It is highly adaptable to multiple scenarios
  • It can be exported to HTML5


  • It may be difficult to use by inexperienced users
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