ActivePresenter 6.1

Creates different types of presentations from your screen and other sources
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ActivePresenter is a powerful software tool that allows you to create different types of presentations, from simple slideshows to full motion illustrative videos and interactive tutorials. The program can capture all actions on your screen either as a video or as static images for your presentation, however, it can also be based on preexisting images or PowerPoint presentations as well.

The program provides you with a "New Project" wizard where you can select to start a new screen capture, to import slides from a PowerPoint file, to import individual images or photos, or simply to start a blank presentation with the specified resolution and number of blank slides. If you select the "New Capture" method, in turn, you have several options to choose from, either to capture a standard video or to create static slides. ActivePresenter offers a very novel feature called "Smart Capture" which automatically creates a new slideshow every time you perform an action like clicking or double-clicking your mouse. This is ideal for creating online tutorials, software demonstrations or online tests, quickly and easily.

Whichever method you choose to create your presentation, you have a timeline and several layers you can use to add customized elements such as texts, shapes, interactions and questions. All of them can be configured to appear and disappear at the required points and to behave in a specific manner, as the timeline can be zoomed in or out. Of course, you can also enable or disable your microphone to record a narration and add it to your presentation. Finally, once you have finished creating and configuring it, you can export it into several formats such as a video file, an HTML5 simulation, a PDF document or a PowerPoint presentation, among others.

In conclusion, ActivePresenter is an excellent choice when it comes to creating standard or interactive presentations, for all kinds of purposes. However, mastering all the program's features and controls may take its time and requires a good level of previous knowledge and practice, especially for beginners. The good thing is that you can indefinitely try a free edition of the program with some of its features disabled, but once you want to use the program commercially and/or with all its features, you will have to pay $299 per license. There's also an "intermediate" edition available at $149 per license.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Creates different types of presentations
  • Creates interactive tutorials and tests
  • Captures the action on your screen
  • Imports the slides from a PowerPoint file
  • Creates slideshows automatically at certain events
  • Includes a timeline with multiple layers on your designer
  • Adds your custom narration to your presentation
  • Exports your presentation into multiple convenient formats


  • Requires practice and previous knowledge
  • A bit expensive
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